The tenth year in a row

This year, the scientific-practical conference, Russia’s largest, dedicated to the development of information technology (IT) and IT-education, innovation and analysis of best practices in the training of highly professional and scientific personnel for IT and its applications (International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern information technology and IT-education» ( on the basis of computer technology and cybernetics faculty celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Ten-year conference is traditionally held under the patronage of the Presidium of the educational-methodical Council (UMC) in areas of “Applied Mathematics and Informatics” and “Fundamental Computer Science and Information Technologies” Educational and methodical association of higher education institutions of the Russian Federation on classical university education.

The conference addressed a wide range of issues, covering areas such as: methodology and methodological support of IT education; e-learning technologies and advanced IT in education; educational resources and best practices of IT education; theoretical computer science and computer science; research and development in the field of new IT and its applications; scientific software in education and science; school education in computer science and IT; parallel and distributed programming, grid technology, programming on GPUs; innovative information and educational technology; information technology management systems; big data and their applications; Economic Informatics.

Surprising and scale of the event, not only for quality but also for quantitative characteristics: each year the forum is involved about 500 people (internally and externally) from 30 regions of Russia, CIS and foreign countries; more than 400 reports and papers; 150 papers published in the journals of the same name of the conference, as well as collections of works with the total number of pages over 1500. The number of full-time participants registering at the plenary session and more than 200 people in the work sections. Article intramural participants were trained as part of the project RHF № 13-06-00156 «teacher training to prevent and counter the ideology kiberekstremizma among young people.”

It is pleasant to note that among the members annually submit the results of their research and representatives of the University, in particular, teachers of the Department of Applied Informatics and the Department of Business Informatics and Information Technology Institute of Energy and automated systems.

In addition to this recognition of the level of research the authors of articles and full-time members – Associate Professor of Business Informatics and Information Technologies GN Chusavitina, EV Chernova, VN Makashova also recognize the level of organizational skills.

For the fifth consecutive year, Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Informatics LZ Davletkireeva is a member of the organizing and program committees of the conference, a plenary speaker, the head of the International Internet-conference competition “Innovative information and pedagogical technologies in IT-education” and the head of the section “Innovative Information and educational technology.”

– How was born the chance?

LZ Davletkireeva:

– I’ve always wanted to study at the Moscow State University, but her parents did not want to let go after graduation from himself away, and fell in love with his future dean of the Faculty of Informatics Elmira Rafikovna Ipatov, who was named in honor of one of the daughters-twins.

– This dream was realized?

– Once he married, protect and became a mother, she decided to return to his dream and wrote an application for an internship at the Moscow State University, which was successfully completed, and I was offered to stay and work in the Laboratory of Information Technologies of Moscow State Open WMC them. MV Lomonosov. I love their city and their school, so do not agree to the proposal, but help in the implementation of many projects, one of which is a large-scale conference.

– What are your plans for next year?

– Conference decided to support the idea of ​​a Public Scientific and Methodological community “Network Laboratory innovative pedagogy” – will work on the study of the provisions and agreements among universities of the country and neighboring countries in the framework of the program.

Tatiana Novikova

Lucifer №18 on December 4, 2015

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