—– July 3, 2015 —– Scientific-practical conference “Advanced Technologies and Applied Informatics Methods”


Colleagues! We invite you to participate in the scientific-practical conference “Advanced Technologies and Applied Informatics Methods”

Objective: to discuss new technologies, methods, and solutions in the field of applied science as an example of practical experience, performance and achievements of the city’s IT companies, considering the prevailing today, challenges and trends in the development of applied informatics.

To participate in the workshop are invited to the city employees of IT companies, state and public organizations of the real sector of the economy, scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and students interested in the problems of Applied Informatics.

Prospective directions of the scientific-methodological seminar

modern trends in Applied Computer Science;
modern technology and applied computer science methods in the financial sector;
state and development trends of integrated enterprise management systems;
multimedia training systems.
Schedule of the seminar

10.00 – Welcome speech to participants, classified work schedule submitted by the Rapporteur.

10.10 – performance speakers (reporting format (10-12 minutes)).

12.00 – work of the round table: “Portrait of a modern IT-specialist” (discussion of training IT personnel for the industrial, municipal and state organizations).

12.45 – summing up the results of the seminar.

We invite the participation of all interested persons!

To participate in the seminar up to 21 June 2015 should be sent in electronic form completed registration card party, to June 25, 2015 to provide the organizers of an electronic file with the presentation of the report to customize the performances.

E-mail the seminar organizers
to apply for participation and questions: julia04-04@mail.ru

Registration Form

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Contact information of organizers

Responsible for the event: Julia Bezzubkova

Address: Prospect Lenina 114, office… 236a,

Phone: 8 (3519) 38-64-57

e-mail: julia04-04@mail.ru

Congratulations Skokov Irina, a student group FIPIb-11, with a victory!

winCongratulations Skokov Irina Konstantinova, student groups FIPIb-11 Institute of Energy and automated systems (scientific hands -.. Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of Department of Applied Informatics Davletkireeva LZ…) With a victory in the International competition of scientific works of graduate students and students held Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation in the category “Applied mathematics and information technology.”


Congratulations to the students of the Institute of Energy and automated systems with a victory in the competition!

diplom-sokolova-kirillov-borisov-stolyarov-abdrahmanovCongratulations to the students c. FIPIb-12 Institute for Energy and automated systems Sokolova Angelina, Kirillov Dmitry, Borisov Semen, Stolyarova Alexander Abdrakhmanova Dmitry (team leader: TB Novikova, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Department of Applied Informatics..) With a victory in the Russian National Student Olympiad applied Informatics!

Battle project “Moscow-Magnitogorsk”

konf-11Besides the many highlights of the school year for the Institute for Energy and automated systems, the year gone remembered interesting and rich online-conference between the students enrolled in the direction “Applied informatics” at universities: MESI (Moscow) and the MSTU. GI Nosov (Magnitogorsk).

Event was organized by Associate Professor, Department of Applied Informatics MSTU LZ Davletkireeva, OB Nazarova and deputy. Director of Science and add. Vocational Education Institute of Computer Technology MESI EV Romanov.

Cohesive team of IT specialists, students defended their projects within the framework of discipline “Prkonf-21oject Workshop” on which children worked throughout the fall semester. Much work has been done. Gives rise to a lot of IT ideas, there were new proposals, the debate flared up, which as a result translated into real projects. The conference was held in two days, and were the first to Muscovites. The boys went into the computer audience, took prepared jobs, moved by online-link and the first stage of the “Battle of the projects” began: “Well, hello to Moscow!”. The speakers were presented projects with completely different ideas and implementation.

It started with the project of automation of the cafe. Suffice it interesting and “living theme,” when based on real-life business, the students realized workstation employee, on the one hand, and the customer, on the other hand, demonstrated the possibility of ordering through the online application. Followed by questions to the speakers, which in the expanded version of the answers were provided. A good project and it’s noted.

The next project was an automation of the logistics company. The guys have created a prototype of a high quality web-applications, where in addition to various forms of orders and reports realized the possibility of monitoring of cargo locations for the control points. Very bright performance on the basis of a well-prepared material. The team was asked about the prospects of the project, to which the speakers answered on the integration platform for mobile applications.

After the speeches, the guys exchanged experience in the IT field, and summed up the first part of the conference. Active teams on both sides confirmed the good ideas and the correctness of the selected format.

konf-41It took a few winter days Ural, and the time came the second part of the event when his reply to a technical college students took from Magnitogorsk. Gathered guys in the executive room videoconferencing “MSTU. GI Nosov “with high technology providing video and audio communication: comfortable leather seats, each seat is equipped with a microphone, if enabled, the camera lens is automatically routed to the speaker. In general, the students joked, “just like in the State Duma.” The abundance of different computer hardware and software, first discourage students ‘played’ lack of experience, but the boys quickly focused and took himself in hand.

From Magnitogorsk two projects were presented. Just want to point out that the students were under the motto “Business and Leisure”, which though was not explicitly voiced, but viewed uniquely. The project is the first team included the opening of the company «BusinesStart», and in parallel, and the creation of a site for the company’s main activity is the provision of a full range of services for the discovery and promotion of their business (preparation of necessary documents, selection of personnel, rental of office and warehouse space, IT-services, advertising, etc.). The entire portfolio of business ideas the company is reflected in the web-site, where you can also view a list of vacancies to fill in a resume or choose and arrange one / several of the presented services. Everything has been applauded and wanted to let go of the team, but then “flew” question from Moscow: “You said that before the emergence of the idea of ​​uniting in a single company, you were separate companies with their information support. It remains there signified by each firm when combined? “. Little consultation, the team of rapporteurs replied: “No, do not carry anything. «BusinesStart» company was created “from scratch”, relying on the experience and achievements of uniting like-minded people. When discussing performance perspective view of the project was marked by the two cities, informative and well-structured speech.

The team representing the second project, added a bit of humor that only adorned speech. His project they have submitted in the form of a portal for the colorful resort on the lake. Chebarkul “World of Wishes”, through which you can order not only brought against any of the services the resort, but also leave a review. As was demonstrated by the ability to accrue money for a special guest card, which all services and paid vacation. Unexpected and unique “highlight” of the project was the idea of ​​the popular TV show presenter “Heads and Tails” Jeanne Badoeva that uses the services of the resort. This slightly this diluted the seriousness of the project and helped in the perception of information.

Overall, the conference was a success thanks to the good organization and propkonf-61er use of modern technology, which allows to combine online-reports with different demos, presentations, video, make the perception of the material more fun and informative. And the exchange of experiences between students from different universities – a valuable contribution to their training and development of student mobility, the strengthening of inter-institutional relations and the development of joint research and creative projects. And guys this is noted and appreciated. The conference ended with a burst of applause with the hopes of a new online meeting, which, incidentally, is now looking forward to the Institute and other groups IPEAS because viewers were “battle of projects.” In addition, all the boys and teachers who are unable to attend the performances, were able to follow the webcasts MESI portal in real time to ask questions. According to one student audience, now they have to speak at this conference, at least as good, because it was the first experience and now understand how to act and what to prepare.

Teachers impression:

Davletkireeva LZ .: We organize a variety of activities with universities in the country and abroad for students and teachers. Annual steel: Intrahigh tour of International Olympiad «IT-Planet“, International scientific-practical conference in conjunction with the Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov, a Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University. With Mesi protection projects carried out in this format is not accidental. Currently planned bilateral agreement on the network through the implementation of educational programs.

Nazarova OB .: The cooperation between universities is always useful, interesting and important to know how to work on the same areas of training courses and other teachers in other high schools. According to the defense of the project results can be stated common ideas and research directions at different realization and presentation.

Online-protection projects took place, added the experience in the new format, the experience of working in a team. Students are able to cope with the excitement of status and meet the videoconferencing hall of the University. The reports were verified and sounded very convincing. Our students are able to compare your level with Moscow students level and to ensure that quality education is provided, and in his hometown.

Impressions of students:

Tupaev Andrew: “For me it was the first experience of participating in such a conference, and not just for me. First nerves made themselves felt, but in the course of performance, everything fell into place. On the conference there were only positive emotions. In general, the event lived up to my expectations – just shine. Thanks to the organizers of the practice in this area. “

Bikchurina Alina: “All of the projects were interesting and quite close to reality. I think this was a great idea to combine students from two high schools to share experiences. A project managers, in turn, did their best and were able to organize a good team work. “

Skokova Irina: “A great event in which students received a lot of impressions from the remote communication with students MESI Moscow. Each team has demonstrated a certain idea of ​​the project. Someone was real and some virtual. But the main task of the work was to show the process and results of development. Each project is accompanied by basic documents – technical project plan schedule, user guide, etc. The hardest part was to show the results. It was difficult to answer questions from other university teams, as we are accustomed to the questions that people ask us our native teachers. Many thanks to the teachers of both universities for their interest in the subject “Design Workshop”. The entertaining task, the more it pleased the students perform. This practice is useful in future professional activities. “

Tatiana Novikova, PhD. ped. Associate Professor, Department of Applied Informatics MSTU

Buschmanov Alexander, 4th year student of the Institute of IPEAS MSTU