Protection projects

June 8, 2016 took place protection projects in the disciplines of “IT infrastructure of the enterprise” and “Project Workshop” led by PhD. ped. Sciences, Assoc. Department of Applied Informatics Davletkireevoy LZ Nazarova and OB Defense visited 2nd year students and teachers of the department PI. The projects presented by students 3 rd year in a conference room equipped with Bauman multimedia software with the ability to broadcast video. In the audience were presented with work in areas such as: “Electronic Russia” and “The Game, developed on the Unity Platform.” In testing the game “Life with PI” was attended by teachers and students of 2nd year. Читать далее

Russian Youth Scientific Conference on Free Software

Use free software or not? What are the risks in both cases are possible? How to adapt the arsenal of programs operated in organizations and institutions? What are the economic advantages of using open source software? Where to begin the transition to open source software? These and many other questions were discussed in the framework of the Russian youth conference with the elements of scientific school “Theory and practice of free software,” which had the scientific staff of the Department of Applied Informatics MSTU. GI Nosov led by head of the department Vladimir PETELYAKA within the Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant. The conference was held from 18 to 22 May 2016 in the sanatorium “Anniversary”, which was attended by students, graduate students and young teachers from different Russian cities. Читать далее

NIT in education

From 15 to 18 March at the GLA “Abzakovo” a traditional IX International scientific and practical conference “New information technologies in education”, dedicated to the practical application of modern information technologies in education: “The implementation of educational programs using e-learning”, “Electronic Information Education environment of high school, informatization of educational institutions and information security in education “,” Electronic educational resources, means of computer visualization and multimedia technologies “and” formation of readiness of the participants of the educational process to the use of ICT. ” Читать далее