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We invite you to participate in the “student project” – the first student scientific conference to showcase the students’ achievements in the design work for the implementation of real-world problems

The conference will be held on February 19, 2016

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OBJECTIVE: To share your design work experience in the organization and management of student teams in different fields of production and science.

PARTICIPANTS: students of undergraduate and graduate programs.
Forms of participation: full-time (a presentation), remote (with a report in the on-line mode), part-time (without a report).


projects in the field:

information technologies;

Technical Sciences;


social sciences;

Economic Sciences;

multidisciplinary projects.
11.20 – Welcome speech to participants, classified work schedule submitted by the Rapporteur.
11.10 – performances of the participants of the project (reporting format (20 minutes)).
14.45 – summing up the results of the seminar.

Electronic collection of materials and certificates of the participants
According to the results of the conference the electronic collection of materials will be issued with the registration of FSUE STC “Informregistr”. All participants and project teams who have provided material for publication and to make a presentation, will receive certificates of participants.

Requirements for participants and works
1. Pre-registration application with a full package of documents, sent to the address pi@magtu.ru until 1 February 2016.
2. Participants – student group up to 7 people, undergraduate students or graduate;
3. The work should be finished a report on the results of the project consist of content of two logical parts: Part 1 – Description of the project (relevance of objectives, formulation of the problem with the description of the subject area, a description of the results, prospects of development of the project); Part 2 – description of the implementation (relevance of the methods, techniques, methodologies, rationale for the methods, techniques, tools, a description of the stages of the work, with the reflection of the application of selected methods, technologies, methodologies, tools); the maximum amount of work – 20 pages of A4, Times New Roman, font size 12, one and a half line spacing, paragraph 1.25 mm, all margins 20 mm..
4. The recommended structure of the work:
Information about the authors (Annex 1).
Introduction (relevance of the topic, purpose, objectives, methodological framework).
Part 1. The idea of ​​solving the problem of design work.
Part 2 technology implementation project work.
Conclusion (results and prospects of development of the theme).
List of sources used.
Applications (models listed and additional information about the project: publications on the project, the implementation of acts, patents, contractual works, etc.).

materials package should include:
application (or Familiya_lidera_proekta_zayavka.doc Familiya_lidera_proekta _zayavka.pdf);

work text (Familiya_lidera_proekta _rabota.doc or Familiya_ lidera_proekta _rabota.pdf);

More information about the project: publications on the project, the implementation of acts, patents, contractual works, etc .;

presentation of the work (or Familiya_lidera_proekta_prezentatsiya.ppt Familiya_lidera_proekta_prezentatsiya.pdf – for internal and remote participants).

Project leader Name
Job title
The form of participation Full-time / distance / correspondence
The organization, which represents
Name of project participant (for each project participant)
Direction of preparation, course
Contact information (phone)
In addition, hardware or software
(Specify, if necessary)
Full name, academic degree, title, position the head
Information mail

Events Coordinator: Anastasia Silin
Address: Magnitogorsk, prospect Lenina 114, office… 236a, phone:
, e-mail: pi@magtu.ru