On the prospects of the development direction of “Applied Informatics”

Congratulations to the students of the Institute of Energy and automated systems with a victory in the competition!

Date of publication: 09.06.2015

diplom-sokolova-kirillov-borisov-stolyarov-abdrahmanovdiplom-sumarokovskaja-skokova-borisovaCongratulations to the students’ areas of “Applied Informatics” c. FIPIb-11 Institute for Energy and automated systems Sumarokovo Ekaterina Feodorovna, Skokova Irina Konstantinova, Borisov Viktoria (team leader – DAVLETKIREEVA Lily Zaynitdinovna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Department of Applied Informatics…) To obtain a diploma in the nomination “The best online team” the All-Russian student Olympiad on software and administration of information systems MOiAIS 2015!

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