Direction of preparation 09.03.03 “Applied Informatics” (undergraduate level) – one of the youngest and most promising specialties of modern higher education, a new area of ​​professional activity, emerging at the intersection of production and information and communication technologies (ICT).

On undergraduate training focuses on the natural sciences, basic training in information technology (computer science and programming, database, architecture and design of information systems (IS)), common math disciplines (mathematical logic, mathematical analysis, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, theory probability and mathematical statistics), economic (economic theory, financial and management accounting) and humanities. Special subjects such as Web programming, Mathematical models in economics, Information Technology Management, Operating Systems, the environment and the shell, Statistics, Econometrics, information systems, information security, etc., appear in the third and fourth years.

Knowledge and skills obtained at this stage, therefore, the basic and mostly have a theoretical orientation. This methodology related to the preparation of the enterprise for automation, engineering, implementation of IP, ICT service organization, management, development and exploitation of IP. The acquisition of practical skills training for work limited mastery of various tools and systems that reinforce the theoretical courses, for example, MS Project, Navision, CASE-technology, Access and Dot net and so on. D.

Specialists who have received a bachelor’s degree, be prepared to work in a group consisting of artists, as well as the services and systems managers. Bachelor of Applied Informatics – a specialist, who was educated in the field of economics, management, law and ICT and is engaged in the design, implementation, analysis and support of software.

The area of ​​professional activity:
Survey application area in accordance with the profile of training; modeling applications and information processes; a feasibility study for the design solutions; programming, testing and documentation of the application; certification and verification of ICs

Type of professional activity:
information processes, resource management, systems, services; information provision application processes; implementation, adaptation, adjustment and integration of the project on creation of IP solutions; maintenance and operation of IP

Main place of work:
Public and private enterprises, joint stock companies, scientific-production associations, scientific design and planning organizations, governments and the social infrastructure of the economy, organs of state and municipal management

Possible positions: Systems Analyst, IT department specialist, IT project manager, IT assets manager, Information System Projector, IT consultant

Entrance examinations: Computing and ICT, Mathematics (profile), Russian language

Duration: 4 years

Set in the Applied Informatics (Bachelor) via the Institute of Power Engineering and Automated Systems (IEiAS)

Details on the reception committee of the university page: http://magtu.ru/abiturientu/mgtu.html