Protection projects

June 8, 2016 took place protection projects in the disciplines of “IT infrastructure of the enterprise” and “Project Workshop” led by PhD. ped. Sciences, Assoc. Department of Applied Informatics Davletkireevoy LZ Nazarova and OB Defense visited 2nd year students and teachers of the department PI. The projects presented by students 3 rd year in a conference room equipped with Bauman multimedia software with the ability to broadcast video. In the audience were presented with work in areas such as: “Electronic Russia” and “The Game, developed on the Unity Platform.” In testing the game “Life with PI” was attended by teachers and students of 2nd year.The project “Electronic Russia” was a video, the site promotes the “public services”. Speakers creatively approached the development and presentation of their work. In addition to the main site services were offered services not yet been implemented.
The second part of the protection of the speakers were independently developed game, which later will be used in the department to explore with students and teachers of subjects. The essence of the game is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, namely, the player gradually passes levels, each of which simulates a particular subject. As a result, passing all the rooms and receive credits, the player must “protect” diplomа. Feedback from teachers and students of 2nd year, the game was exciting and challenging at the same time, since it is not so easy to get credit.
We look forward to new creative projects and ideas from our teachers and students.

Photos from the event

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