NIT in education

From 15 to 18 March at the GLA “Abzakovo” a traditional IX International scientific and practical conference “New information technologies in education”, dedicated to the practical application of modern information technologies in education: “The implementation of educational programs using e-learning”, “Electronic Information Education environment of high school, informatization of educational institutions and information security in education “,” Electronic educational resources, means of computer visualization and multimedia technologies “and” formation of readiness of the participants of the educational process to the use of ICT. “

At the plenary session made Lily Davletkireeva, PhD. ped. Sciences, Associate Professor of the PI, with the theme “New information technologies in modeling and managing complex systems.” Students ‘Applied Informatics’, which is also a great pleasure to participate in the event as the future IT professionals, actively supported and listened carefully all the reports and asked the competent questions. The organizing committee of the conference and were teachers of the department – Candidate. ped. Sciences, Assoc. Olga and Tatiana Novikova Maslennikov. Exchange of views and more detailed answers to the questions – not least in such activities, so the most urgent issues were resolved after reports on “round tables” and a lobby. event organization – enough high-level, well-represented by the geography of the country. The conference really gives interesting. Someone found out something new, someone may remember the forgotten, and someone just nice and usefully spent this day. And most importantly, all participants were looking forward to the next day, which will continue reporting in which with his presentation was Olga Maslennikov.
Impressions of participants:
“I think it should conduct such visits for students. Firstly, it is very interesting and informative, and, secondly, in this way we, the younger generation, look, listen actively to gain experience and develop an interest, as do the other participants. Perhaps one of us will also come up with new interesting questions in a couple of years “- shared his opinion of Alexander Sidorov, a participant of the conference, the student group FIPIb-13.
Students group FIPIb-13: “I would like to thank the MSTU. Nosov, and in particular the Department of “Applied Informatics” for the opportunity, and the organization of cognitive activities. ”
In May 2016, Russian youth conference will be held with members of the scientific school
“Theory and practice of free software”, the aim of which is to analyze the status and potential of the use of free software on the basis of generalization of its application experience in the system of secondary and higher vocational education, software engineering, business and administration, and ensuring the protection of information and information security .
The main directions of the conference: free software in the system of secondary and higher education; free software in software engineering; free software in business; free software in administration and information security. Organization and holding of the conference will deal with the department of “Applied Informatics” IEiAS MSTU. GI Nosov.


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