Russian Scientific Conference “Intelligent Systems in information warfare”

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We invite you to 8-11 December 2015 to take part in
Russian Scientific Conference

“Intelligent systems in information warfare”

Modern business is characterized by a sharp increase in the role of information processes in a competitive environment. The emergence of new information technologies has led, on the one hand, a significant increase in business efficiency, on the other – was the cause of previously unseen threats. Information confrontation in the business environment has become a reality. The need to protect their information space and the need to obtain information about possible actions of competitors define promising directions of development of economic and information security of any company.

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The purpose of the conference:
Discussion of the possibilities of application of intelligent information technology to achieve a competitive edge in the corporate business environment through the development of tools and methods of information security and knowledge management / business intelligence.

The main directions of the conference:
1. Intelligent technologies in the security business.
2. Identify threats to information and assessment of information risks of corporate business structures.
3. Intelligent Internet-technologies.
4. Protection Technologies resource allocation information and telecommunication systems.

Conference format:
Plenary and breakout sessions, workshops and round tables on the topics of the conference. During the conference will be the presentation of products of the conference participants. Perhaps full-time and part-time participation (publication of abstracts).

Conference work plan:
Information security business
Chairperson – Dr., Professor AV Babash.
The panel will address the study of enterprise development strategies, taking into account the emergence of new threats to information and selecting information security strategy based on the use of new smart technologies.
Analytical intelligence in the business environment.
Chairpersons – NI Bayandin, VS Kretov, dts, prof.
The panel will address the use of analytical intelligence techniques to solve problems of strategic planning in a rapidly changing area of ​​information threats.
Information security in the interaction of state and business structures. Head of Section – NI Volkov, Ph.D., Head of Research and Training of the Department Research Institute “Voskhod”
The panel will be considered theoretical and practical aspects of the organization and the use of methods and instruments for the protection of information, improvement of the information infrastructure, providing communication between the different sources of information, such as government bodies, as well as in business structures. Official web-representation of public authorities allow to constantly expand opportunities for citizens and organizations to realize their rights. So important is the consideration of technical, informational, social aspects of the development of digital identification, biometric access control methods, data mining.
Youth section.
Head of Section – MA Prikhodko, Ph.D.
The panel will consider the performances of young professionals, graduate students on issues of the conference.
The conference also will be held the Round Table “Business intelligence and business security.”

List of participants:

Leading scientists in the field of information security experts,
Representatives of state authorities of the Russian Federation,
Leaders and representatives of universities, academic institutions, research organizations and enterprises from different regions of Russia.
Invited to participate in the conference:
1. Kretov VS, Ph.D., Professor of the Diplomatic Academy
2. Telnov YF, prof., Head. Chair of PITiIB REU them. GV Plekhanov
3. Khodashinsky IA, Ph.D. prof., Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics, TUSUR
4. Babash AV, d. F th. Sc., prof., School of Economics,
5. Lukinova OV, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Control,
6. Khobta IV, LLC Region General Manager,
7. Doronin A., Ph.D., assistant professor. Independent expert
8. Shatrov DV, Ltd. General Manager Analytical business solutions,
9. Grigoriev VR, Ph.D., Associate Professor, leading specialist RNT,
10. Urintsov AI, Doctor of Economics, prof., Head. Chair of REU them. GV Plekhanov
11. Y. Malinin, rector of the Academy of AIS, AZI ,.
12. Degrading NV, Ph.D. Professor RG them. GV Plekhanov,
13. Mukhin AV gene. Director of “Research Center for psycho”
14. Zyazin VP, to f-m n.; Professor MIREA
15. Zuev VI, Head: Dr., Vice Rector for remote and Information Technology of the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge, Kazan.

The conference is preparing to publish the conference proceedings, including reports of materials and messages with which conference participants to address the plenary as well as during the work sections.

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