—– July 3, 2015 —– Scientific-practical conference “Advanced Technologies and Applied Informatics Methods”


Colleagues! We invite you to participate in the scientific-practical conference “Advanced Technologies and Applied Informatics Methods”

Objective: to discuss new technologies, methods, and solutions in the field of applied science as an example of practical experience, performance and achievements of the city’s IT companies, considering the prevailing today, challenges and trends in the development of applied informatics.

To participate in the workshop are invited to the city employees of IT companies, state and public organizations of the real sector of the economy, scientists, graduate students, undergraduates and students interested in the problems of Applied Informatics.

Prospective directions of the scientific-methodological seminar

modern trends in Applied Computer Science;
modern technology and applied computer science methods in the financial sector;
state and development trends of integrated enterprise management systems;
multimedia training systems.
Schedule of the seminar

10.00 – Welcome speech to participants, classified work schedule submitted by the Rapporteur.

10.10 – performance speakers (reporting format (10-12 minutes)).

12.00 – work of the round table: “Portrait of a modern IT-specialist” (discussion of training IT personnel for the industrial, municipal and state organizations).

12.45 – summing up the results of the seminar.

We invite the participation of all interested persons!

To participate in the seminar up to 21 June 2015 should be sent in electronic form completed registration card party, to June 25, 2015 to provide the organizers of an electronic file with the presentation of the report to customize the performances.

E-mail the seminar organizers
to apply for participation and questions: julia04-04@mail.ru

Registration Form

Member name
The organization, which represents
Availability of presentation (additional files) Yes / No (format)
Contact information (phone)


Contact information of organizers

Responsible for the event: Julia Bezzubkova

Address: Prospect Lenina 114, office… 236a,

Phone: 8 (3519) 38-64-57

e-mail: julia04-04@mail.ru

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